Buena Park School District Santa Ana Unified School District

The Science@OC Orange County Middle School Science Initiative (OCMSSI) was created to address the need to improve the teaching and learning of science in Orange County middle schools.

After determining that middle school was where the “science drop–out” was occurring, Science@OC began to focus on the teaching and learning of science to ensure students are prepared for high school course work. A school district team develops a strategic plan to be implemented over a three to five year span addressing the critical success areas of curriculum, professional development, assessment, materials management and community support. Science@OC oversees the completion, the funding support, the implementation, the data collection, and ultimately the sustainability of the plan. School districts with middle level strategic plans for science are: Buena Park School District and Santa Ana Unified School District. Science@OC has plans to expand to six additional districts to be determined by interest in attending a LASER (Leadership Assistance for Science Education Reform) SPI (Strategic Planning Institute) in February 2012 in Orange County.